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Casual Friday - Best Christmas Movies Collection

This holiday season is extra special to me. For the past three years, the holidays have had to fight for my attention. In 2008, I was struggling through the diagnostic phase of my cancer. In 2009, I was reeling and healing from a 16 month cancer journey. In 2010, I was doing better, but my house was ripped apart from a kitchen renovation. This year, I just want to focus on enjoying the holidays.

One of the best ways to bring back the wonder of the holidays is to turn to old traditions. Comforting and familiar, traditions help us find our bearings. One of my favorites was started by my husband and I over 20 years ago. Back then, videos were the new fun technology and we enjoyed watching movies at home. We started a best Christmas movies collection. Our collection has evolved over the years, most significantly by sharing our love for holiday movies with our children. 

My best Christmas movie collection not only celebrates the holidays, it also brings me to a magical place. While you're watching a funny movie or movie from your youth, you forget about the rest of the world's troubles (and your own) and find a little pocket of peace. Take a look at my list (Amazon associates links) and enjoy.  What movies do you love and how do they factor into your holiday traditions?


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Linda's picture

I used to love "It's a Wonderful Life", but the fact is that I hate the fact that he sacrificed all his dreams of seeing the world, even for all the noble causes that kept him at home.  With his character, he could have built an equally noble life no matter where he wound up... but "A Christmas Story" - there's a tale as full of nostalgia, life truths and family love as one could ever hope to find.  I *remember* being that kid on the ground struggling to get up in my too-many-layers of winter clothing (though thankfully not the scene about sticking my tongue to cold metal).  I *love* the way the gift lamp is the pride and joy of the husband and the despair of the wife, each with no real comprehension of the other's perspective and each trying to deal with it in their own way while still being aware of the other's feelings.  "You're going to shoot your eye out!" I can practically hear my mother telling me similar things when I was a kid.  Dealing with bullies, heart's desires, family love and foibles, and all set in a much simpler time than we live in today... hmmm, think I'll go rent it!

BTW, you know my friend Stephen?  He *has* that lamp! 

Big holiday hugs and best wishes for the holiday season you deserve,

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Debbie's picture


A Christmas Story is definitely one of my very favorite favorites. So innocent and yet complicated - it's not easy growing up and it's not easy being married ("You ran out of glue, ON PURPOSE!")  The final scene with the Christmas Chinese Duck ("He's smiling....") is just the best.

I think we'll be watching and enjoying this movie this weekend! I hope your holiday season is wonderful too!

Survival > Existence,


Jackie Fox's picture

One of my all-time favorite movies is Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyck. I try to watch it every year. I also like Holiday Affair with Janet Leigh and Robert Mitchum. Those old romantic comedies are the best but I also love A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. The mom in A Christmas Story is the coolest mom ever! Thanks for sharing all these great movies!

Debbie's picture


Thanks for two more wonderful suggestions! Ralphie's mom is absolutely cool - when she breaks up Ralphie's fight (swearing and all) and then smooths everything over at the dinner table - priceless!

Survival > Existence,


Zoe Robinson's picture

Thanks Debbie for the idea. I'm two thirds of the way through radiation, and my condo is filled with boxes since I'm having it painted in the next week (don't ask 'Why now?" - it's a long story). So I'm needing some extra cheer. Zoe

Debbie's picture


Good luck with the radiation and the painting! You definitely need a little movie therapy to escape for a while.

I wish you beautiful holidays!

Survival > Existence,



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