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Watch News 12 New Jersey's Spotlight NJ this Weekend Featuring the MovingOn Program

If you have access to News 12 New Jersey this weekend, check out Spotlight NJ with Della Crews.  This weekend’s program features the MovingOn program and its founder, Lockey Maisonneuve.  I joined Lockey’s class, which offers rehabilitative exercise for breast cancer survivors, at Overlook Hospital. 

Lockey is a certified personal trainer who is also certified to work with cancer patients, and a breast cancer survivor herself.  As befits a class called MovingOn, the emphasis is on regaining control over your body after cancer has left it ravaged.  While you’re working out, you’re also working on something just as important: building your own community of support and empowerment with others who have been there.  I loved her program and every cancer survivor should have the opportunity to experience a rehabilitative exercise class.

Oh, there’s a little interview of me in one of the segments as well.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.


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Deb, sorry, this is just some webmaster type stuff.

The url to the News 12 site just takes you to the home page. Need a url that goes to the show itself... may not be possible since you apparently need an account to get in.

Also - make sure you set the target for the url to "_blank" so that it opens a new window instead of taking the user away from your site.

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second try at getting notified.

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