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Gifts & Losses List

Hello Fellow List Maker!

It was a slow process, believe me, but as a result of a lot of work and the help of my incredible therapists, I began to regain my emotional equilibrium. That doesn’t mean I didn’t still have bad days, because I most certainly did (and sometimes still do.) Something amazing happened, however, that changed the entire structure of my cancer survivorship.  

Approximately nine months after I had my mastectomy, I slowly became aware that I was keeping a mental tally of the many changes cancer was bringing me – and although the losses were painfully evident, I was slowly realizing that there were real gifts. So, I decided to write them down side by side. That’s when I was amazed to find that the gifts list was longer than the losses list.    

My Gifts & Losses List continually grows with each new phase of my life. You will also notice the progression as time passed and I worked through issues such as body image. When you take a look, think about what gifts and losses cancer has brought into your life.

If you want to create your own Gifts & Losses List, I have a free download to get you started. Pick up your free copy of my WhereWeGoNow Gifts & Losses List Workbook today. 

I wish you many gifts and blessings.

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